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Multiple forms, apps, links, emails, snail mails, payments, deadlines, and more: with so many moving parts to keep in line, registration for anything these days can sometimes be dizzying! But registering your child for school doesn’t need to be complicated at all — and at MUSE Virtual, we are here to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

How To Register For MUSE Virtual School

The registration process is 5 easy steps. If you have any questions or need assistance with registration we are here to help.

Step 1: Complete our online inquiry form.

This form provides us with some very basic information about what stage your student is currently at in their education, and tells us the best ways to get in touch with you to complete registration.

Step 2: Schedule a call with our director of admissions.

Once you’ve completed the online inquiry form, your next step will be to set up a phone meeting with Alexandra Pesko, director of admissions at MUSE Virtual. We employ an easy-to-use scheduling system called Calendly to help us (and you!) set up these calls quickly and efficiently.

During the call, Alexandra will go over everything you need to know. She will provide general information about MUSE Virtual, tell you about our Immersion Program, and outline what the next steps in our application process will look like. This will also be the perfect opportunity for you to have some one-on-one time with her to ask any preliminary questions you may have.

Please note that if you’re applying for Immediate Enrollment for the current academic year, this is the time to confirm that there is available space in the classroom pertaining to your student.

You can learn more about Alexandra and our other wonderful leaders at MUSE Virtual on our website.

Step 3: Begin the application for admission.

After your call with Alexandra, it’s time to start your admissions application! The fee to apply is $100.00.

If you’re applying for Immediate Enrollment for the current academic year and you’ve confirmed that space is available, OR if you are applying for the 2023 Academic Year, you can begin your application right away. We are currently offering rolling admissions, so get started today!

Once your application is complete and you’ve clicked submit, we ask that you please send us two things: your child’s academic records from the last two years, and a letter of recommendation from one of your child’s current or previous teachers. These materials must be submitted before we can move on to step 4, which will be the Student Intake and Parent Interview.

Please note that the outlined deadlines are for priority enrollment; MUSE Virtual will then transition to rolling admissions. Please always verify that there is space available in the classroom you wish to apply to before submitting an application.

Step 4: Parent Interviews and Student Intake for New Families

After your application for admission has been submitted and your supplementary materials have been received, you and your child will be invited to a Parent Interview and a Student Intake meeting.

You can expect the Parent Interview to be around 45 minutes long. During this time, you will have the opportunity to meet with the director of the academic program to which you are applying. In addition to wanting to learn more about you and your student, we are here to answer any questions you may have — so please come ready and don’t be shy!

The Student Intake is the chance for your child to experience a “day in the life” of a MUSE Virtual School student and see what our program is all about. During the Intake, your child will also have a one-on-one evaluation with the classroom teacher. The length of the intake depends on which grade your child will be entering at MUSE Virtual. These intake meetings are completely online!

MUSE makes its admissions decisions based on a combination of these factors — the admission application, the supplemental materials, the Parent Interview, and the Student Intake. Please be sure to give us as much information as you can and be yourself! We want to truly get to know you and your child during this process.

Step 5: Congratulations — you’ve been accepted to join the MUSE Virtual community!

Enrolled families will be emailed Enrollment Contracts for the upcoming Academic Year. If a student will be attending MUSE Virtual School, we require that the signed contract be submitted with a $1,500.00 tuition deposit. The tuition deposit will be applied to your total tuition costs.

We are so excited to have your family join ours and are looking forward to guiding your child on their journey to grow and learn!

Think you may need assistance?

At MUSE Virtual, we know that every child deserves the opportunity to learn in ways that best suit their individual style to reach their full potential. We are committed to supporting a diverse socio-economic community, and to give opportunities to all families who share our philosophies. If you think you might need assistance, please consider applying for discounted tuition. Our Financial Aid applications are submitted through School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS), a third-party organization created by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to provide schools objective assessments of family financial information.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about registration along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also visit our FAQ page for the mostly asked common questions, or if you have any further questions about admissions, please feel free to reach out directly to Alexandra Pesko, who will be happy to assist you. You can email her at, or reach her via phone/text at 818-231-0268.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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