Grade 9


Algebra I

This course reintroduces students to the real number system and the process evaluating and simplifying expressions. Students will explore the definitions and behaviors of a function, and apply what they’ve learned to solving and graphing linear equations. The class then moves on to defining and understanding polynomials and functions of two variables. Students learn to analyze, factor, and graph quadratic, exponential, and rational functions. Throughout, curriculum will be delivered through short and long-term projects, independent explorations, and through individual students’ passion project.


The biology course covers several fundamentals: cells, macromolecules, taxonomy, human body systems, environmental cycles, genetics and evolution. Fundamentals in chemistry are also covered for the purpose of delving deeper into genetics, cells, and macromolecules. A special emphasis is placed on the environmental cycles and their relation to MUSE’s Seed to Table program and commitment to sustainability.

Humanities I

A study of World History, Geography and Cultures from Ancient civilizations through the Renaissance (1500 B.C.E. to 1700 C.E.). This course examines the relationship between geography and cultural developments, the legacy and contributions of Ancient civilizations, the scientific, philosophical, political and artistic discoveries of The Middle Ages and Renaissance, and the beliefs and practices of the major world religions. All units connect the past to current events and contemporary global realities with emphasis on chronological developments, geographical knowledge, and understanding and respect for cultures and cultural differences. This course is entitled “World History I-Geography, Culture, and Religion”


Teachers and grade 9 students come together as a class to build community and focus on self-efficacy, self-reflection and communication. This daily practice allows time for students to set and reflect on personal goals. Topics such as community issues and social justice are explored. MUSORY topics are guided by the self-efficacy and communication standards in the grade 9 curriculum guide and are developmentally and age appropriate.

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