Grade 12



This is the first introduction into professional mathematics. Besides reviewing trigonometry and logarithms, we will explore limits, functions and graphs, then introduce the notions of differentiation and integration with many real-world applications. The senior-level course is intended to prepare the student for a more comprehensive exploration into calculus at the college/university level.

Climate Change

Climate Change is a new science course this year at MUSE. Humans continue to change our oceans and atmosphere in increasingly negative ways. In the climate change class, students will look at science through the lens of the human influence on the oceans, atmosphere, and soil. The core concepts covered in Climate Change are: acid/base chemistry, polymer chemistry, photosynthesis, respiration, cells, electromagnetic radiation, and the fundamental cycles of nature.

Humanities IV

A study of the principles and developments in philosophical and sociological thinking from Ancient civilizations through contemporary inquiries and expressions (2,000 B.C.E to the present). Students examine philosophical and sociological ideas from a variety of historical sources and perspectives in an effort to examine the self and find meaning and understanding of our world and the human condition.


MUSORY is a time when students focus on self-efficacy and communication. Students set and reflect on their goals, participate in self-efficacy lessons, discuss and address community issues, practice compassionate confrontations as well as discuss and journal elements of communication and personality. MUSORY topics are guided by the self-efficacy and communication milestones.

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