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MUSE Virtual School offers an innovative education for K-12 learners. Our private online elementary school combines the best of academics, passion-based learning, and individual student needs to provide our students with a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Learn more about elementary education at MUSE Virtual below!

 Class Sizes & Teacher Information

MUSE Virtual’s elementary school education spans Kindergarten through 6th grade. Class sizes max at 16 students for personalized attention and to ensure that each student thrives in their virtual learning environment. Our elementary students are led by one classroom teacher per grade who students will interface with each day through group and one-on-one instruction. Additional specialty teachers are brought in to teach our Special Elective Courses (more on those later!).

 Academics, Curriculum, & Grades

MUSE Virtual’s educational philosophy is based on our proprietary Five Pillars, which include: Passion Based Learning, Academics, Communication, Self-Efficacy, and Sustainability. These pillars are woven into the fabric of a MUSE Virtual education. Our teachers adhere to our academic standards which have been approved by The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Teachers cover all of the core subjects, including math, science, language arts, social studies, history, etc. However, they work diligently to differentiate their instruction to suit the various learning styles of our students. MUSE Virtual utilizes personalized student Blueprints to accommodate the needs of every individual student and to ensure that grade level standards are achieved.

Passion-based learning is a focal point of the elementary education at MUSE Virtual. Students connect their passions with academics while teachers ensure that grade level standards are woven into classroom studies and projects as well as individual passion projects. Elementary students have opportunities to explore, hypothesize, question, and discuss their passions and interests while teachers facilitate, observe, and document. Within these passion projects, our goal is to discover and deeply understand each child, including what they love, and how they learn best.

 Special Activities & Field Trips

MUSE Virtual elementary school students are offered a handful of Special Elective Courses. Each week, students participate in courses in the areas of Seed-To-Table, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and World Language (3rd-6th). Designed to spark creativity and provide an understanding of the world around them, these specialty courses are taught by industry professionals with firsthand experience to share with our students. Those students who are interested in a specific area, like performing or visual arts, may also have the opportunity to connect more closely with these specialists!

Another exciting component of our elementary school education is the chance to participate in virtual field trips. These virtual trips encourage team building and provide special activities that promote community and self-efficacy. Previous elementary virtual trips have included Wind Cave near Mount Rushmore! We’ve found that our students respond enthusiastically to these opportunities and that they greatly enhance their learning experience at MUSE Virtual.

If you believe your child or student could benefit from a MUSE Virtual School education, contact us today! And to learn more about elementary education at MUSE Virtual, click here.

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