Meet the MUSE Virtual Teacher: Ivo Spirov

Ivo Spirov

At MUSE Virtual, it’s important to us to introduce our staff and teachers to the community. We are so proud of the incredible educators who work with our students every single day and want to show our appreciation for their work! Today, we’re featuring Ivo Spirov, a four-year veteran teacher at MUSE Virtual and the K-12 Visual Arts teacher. Read on to learn more about his personal history, passions, and MUSE Virtual experience!

Personal History and Training

Q. Tell us about your professional background prior to coming to MUSE Virtual.
A. My professional background consists of multiple and still ongoing exhibits as a professional fine artist with Saatchi & Saatchi, Jac Forbes Gallery and Canvas Malibu, International shows in Japan and others. Prior to my affiliation with MUSE, I used to offer various workshops designed for kids of all ages for the city of Malibu and after school programs for schools in the area. I also worked on numerous storyboard projects in the past as an animator.

Q. What kind of training did MUSE Virtual require before you started teaching?
A. There were various digital workshops and tutorials on building curriculum and ability to work on our new platform. All of the trainings required were essential for our students and their success as well as ours on the MUSE platform.

In the Virtual Classroom

Q. What projects are your students currently working on?
A. We do multiple step by step drawing and painting tutorials, which are always fun for my students and me. We also learn art history and about current artists working in the field and their stories/visions/ideas. In some of the higher elementary classes we work on stop motion movies.

Q. How do you see the benefits of the 5 Pillars play out in your classroom?
A. We learn about eco art. We also learn about sustainable practices, like reusing materials or even making awesome jellyfish from trash. We cross collaborate with core teachers on some of their academic topics. And students are encouraged to be self-sufficient on their projects and communicate when they stumble on a hurdle or just want to showcase their amazing work. We implement all of them.

MUSE Virtual Experience

Q. What distinguishes MUSE Virtual, in your opinion, from other schools?
A. I feel that we are much more passion-oriented than most traditional schools. Student-led projects and discussions are an example as well as an opportunity to learn skills from professionals who are actually working in their respective fields that our students are interested in. It’s more fluid as opposed to having a rigid structure if you will.

Q. What has been the most memorable moment from your virtual classroom thus far this year?
A. Just how receptive and full of energy my students are. How much they are leaning on their creativity in this transition.

Q. And tell us one fun fact about yourself!
A. My childhood playground was the National Art Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. My mom was the Director of PR and I spent hours as a child exploring, running around, playing hide and seek in the Gallery, which was the former royal palace.

We are so grateful for Ivo’s contributions to our MUSE Virtual community! This video ( gives a bit more insight into Ivo’s role at MUSE Virtual. Check it out! And if you want to learn more about teachers at MUSE Virtual, visit our Faculty & Staff page.

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