Meet the MUSE Virtual Teacher: Robin Swallow

Robin Swallow - Chef - MUSE Virtual School

Welcome back to another “Meet the Teacher” blog!

You may know her from our weekly cooking classes, but if not, then take this opportunity to get to know Master Chef Robin Swallow! An incredible chef and teacher to our students, we love having Robin on our team. Read on to learn more about her personal history, passions, and MUSE Virtual experience!

Personal History and Training

Q. Tell us about your professional background prior to coming to MUSE Virtual.

A. Owned and operated a world renowned plant based restaurant called Manna in London, England; Head Chef at Follow Your Heart.

Q. What kind of training did MUSE Virtual require before you started teaching?

A. Personal Development, PCM, Self Efficacy, Zoom, Canvas.

In the Virtual Classroom

Q. How many students are generally in your classes?

A. Five to twenty students.

Q. What projects are your students currently working on?

A. Cooking with Seasonal Produce, kitchen safety, knife skills, cooking techniques, shopping skills, reading a recipe, math and how to measure accurately, baking.

Q. How are your students responding to virtual learning?

A. Great. There have been some hiccups along the way but we are working through them and getting to learn the ways of having really good communication.

Q. How do you see the benefits of the Five Pillars play out in your classroom?

A. Communication is a must for teaching cooking virtually, passion is such an amazing connection to food, sustainability is learned by cooking with local, seasonal produce and limiting waste, self efficacy is learned by learning how to be prepared for a cooking class and having the proper tools and ingredients, and the belief that comes from the success in making good food. Math, science, history, reading and sustainability are all strengthened by learning how to cook.

MUSE Virtual Experience

Q. What distinguishes MUSE Virtual, in your opinion, from other schools?

A. The strong commitment, love and care that the teachers have for the students and their families and also the amazing support that we teachers get from our admin.

Q. What has been the most memorable moment from your virtual classroom thus far this year?

A. Students and their families reaching out to me and thanking me for cooking and teaching them.

Q. And tell us one fun fact about yourself!

A. I love gardening.

We are so grateful for Robin’s contributions to our MUSE Virtual community! Learn more about a MUSE Virtual education and how your student could benefit from experiencing Robin’s classes by watching Robin’s video and subscribing to the MUSE Virtual YouTube Channel.

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