Meet the MUSE Virtual Teacher: Yvette Andrizzi

Yvette Andrizzi - MUSE Virtual Teacher - MUSE Virtual School

Welcome back to another “Meet the Teacher” blog! Today, we’re featuring Yvette Andrizzi, a five-year veteran of MUSE Virtual who teaches all academic subjects and pillars to fourth graders. Read on to learn more about her personal bio, passions, and MUSE Virtual experience!

Personal History and Training

Q. Tell us about your professional background prior to coming to MUSE Virtual.
A. Prior to earning my teaching credential, I received a masters and doctorate in clinical psychology. Soon after, I decided to pursue a career in education and spent three years teaching in LAUSD, before coming to MUSE.

Q. What kind of training did MUSE Virtual require before you started teaching?
A. None. We were all thrown into this insane situation and through some serious commitment, hard work, creativity, and determination, we kicked butt. I have loved teaching virtually this year.

In the Virtual Classroom

Q.How many students are generally in your classes?
A. During my five years at MUSE, I have had two years with full classes (18 students) and the remainder have been a mix. This year I have 11 students.

Q. What projects are your students currently working on?
A. This week the fourth graders are conducting a small group research project on a chosen planet, tackling the  concept of ordering multiple fractions, and learning about the transcontinental railroad. They are also knee deep in exploring their new passion projects.

Q. How are your students responding to virtual learning?
A. Amazingly well. I was very apprehensive about teaching an entire year virtually. I got a truly fantastic group of kids that are genuinely engaged and motivated by learning new things.

Q.How do you see the benefits of the Five Pillars play out in your classroom?
A. After teaching in LAUSD for a few years, I knew it was not for me. I wanted to teach somewhere that allowed for creativity, freedom, and connection in a way that just did not seem possible within a school district so focused on test numbers and 30+ students per class. I interviewed all over the place and knew early on that MUSE had something special. I could tell immediately that students were happy and excited to be at school. It was a breath of fresh air and reminded me why I got into teaching in the first place! It’s amazing knowing that I am helping to give my students a truly well rounded education that is not SOLELY focused on the core subject (academic) areas.

MUSE Virtual Experience

Q. What distinguishes MUSE Virtual, in your opinion, from other schools?
A. Again I go back to the well-rounded education. MUSE teachers cover all grade-level standards, just like a teacher at any other school. The difference is that we do it in a way that brings in the students passions and interests. We don’t throw a textbook at them and call it a day. We make it relevant and engaging so that they can truly grasp the material. Additionally, students are learning more than just math, language arts, science, and social studies. We focus on social emotional learning, social justice issues, taking care of our planet, and so much more.

Q. What has been the most memorable moment from your virtual classroom thus far this year?
A. Too many to name. We may be 12 people sitting at our computers each day, but we have managed to build some truly amazing bonds and connect in a way I didn’t think would be possible, given our virtual setting.

Q. And tell us one fun fact about yourself!
A. My husband (a Kiwi from NZ) and I met in Cape Town, South Africa.

We are so grateful for Yvette’s contributions to our MUSE Virtual community! Learn more about a MUSE Virtual education and how your student could benefit from experiencing Yvette’s classes.

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