Why A Private K-12 School is Better Than a Public School

Why is private school better than public school - MUSE Virtual School

With the 2020-2021 school year coming to an end, there’s plenty of celebrating to do! But you might already be looking ahead if you’re reconsidering your child’s education for the next academic year.  There are many factors to take into consideration— especially if you’re thinking about pursuing a private school education.

The debate between public and private schools has raged for decades. But in the era of COVID-19, it has certainly taken on new meaning as many schools have shifted to remote learning or hybrid models. Learning environments changed quickly during the last year and many private schools have gone above and beyond to rise to the challenges presented by virtual learning.

There are plenty of suitable options when it comes to your child’s education, but deciding on certain priorities, like academics, elective courses, and individualized learning, will make your decision easier. Take a few minutes to learn about the benefits of a private school education, and see how MUSE Virtual could benefit your family.

The Cost is High, But the Payoff is Greater

 Let’s address the biggest concern first: The cost.

Yes, private schools are more costly than public schools. But considering the true cost of education, there are plenty of reasons why a private school education is worth the investment.

Class Sizes and Instruction

For starters, private schools tend to offer smaller class sizes. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, private schools had a lower pupil/teacher ratio at 11.9 compared to the public schools ratio of 16.2. This allows for more personalized attention and learning opportunities, which can greatly impact students’ education.

Speaking of personalized attention, private school teachers often arrive in the classroom with firsthand experience in their subject area. For example, many of the teachers at MUSE Virtual worked professionally in their fields prior to joining our staff. They ran restaurants, worked on Broadway, lived on farms, and more. Our teachers and staff utilize this knowledge to better relate to students, equipping them with skills they’ll need in tandem with their academic curriculum.

Academic Excellence

 Of course, academics play an important role in choosing the right school for your child. Some private schools are not under state supervision, nor do they have to abide by state curriculum requirements. However, some private schools do receive accreditation and follow state curriculum. This is something to pay close attention to as academics do vary school to school.

MUSE Virtual, for example, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and undergoes an annual self-evaluation and peer review process with a focus on student outcomes. This accreditation allows MUSE Virtual to uphold rigorous academic standards while incorporating additional core values and philosophies that enrich student learning.

Private School Values

In addition to academics, private schools have the ability to place emphasis on different values that may be more aligned with the education you desire for your child. For example, at the heart of MUSE Virtual School are the Five Pillars: Passion-based learning, academics, communication, self-efficacy, and sustainability. While academics remain at the forefront, there is room to incorporate these additional values into the everyday lives of students, making them more well-rounded and equipped to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead in their post-MUSE journey.

If your child is looking to pursue a career in the arts or another academic-adjacent area, private schools may offer opportunities that could better prepare your student. MUSE Virtual offers a variety of special elective courses to cultivate passions and interests, including performing arts clubs, leadership courses, cooking classes, foreign language courses, human rights electives, and so much more.

Your Student, Your Choice

 You know your student best, so you know what works for them and in what environment they thrive. If private school is an option, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each individual school on your list.

 MUSE Virtual is a private K-12 school with an innovative approach to education. Through the Five Pillars, Passion Projects, individualized instruction, sustainability initiatives, and so much more, we equip our students with the skills they need to thrive beyond the classroom. If you’re interested in learning more about MUSE Virtual, head to our website to inquire today.

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