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Award-Winning Private Virtual Education - MUSE Virtual School

At MUSE Virtual School, we strive to provide our students with the very best private virtual education available online: by giving them virtual access to the award-winning, Calabasas, CA-based MUSE Global School. Founded in 2006 by wife and husband Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron, the MUSE Global School offers holistic, eco-friendly, innovative education to students from kindergarten through high school. Through its Five Pillars (Academics, Self-Efficacy, Communication, Sustainability, and Passion-Based Learning), which form the basis for all things MUSE, both MUSE Global and MUSE Virtual equip children of all ages with the tools needed for a lifetime of curiosity, exploration, and learning.

We’re More Than Just A Private Virtual School

 When Suzy, a mother of five, saw her children struggling even in what were considered to be the best schools available, she knew a new and better alternative was needed. So, she and filmmaker husband James teamed up with specialists (including her sister and MUSE co-founder, Rebecca Amis, a prior collaborator in child-centered education) to create a new program that would engage with modern visions of how children learn best — an education system free from the dogma of more traditional models.

MUSE has been developed as a comprehensive re-imagining of how an education system can function to inspire both parents and children alike to lead happier, healthier, and more successful lives, while also having a positive impact on the sustainability of our planet. MUSE Virtual is the next phase of this journey, and a conduit through which your student can get the full MUSE experience in a safe way, and no matter where they reside — across the country or even across the globe!

Online School for Elementary-Age Students

Our award-winning virtual education elementary school program combines core academics (language, literacy, science, math, and social studies) with passion-based learning to build unique, rewarding experiences for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Children in our virtual elementary program are led by one teacher per classroom, with a maximum of sixteen students in each class. Every day, our teachers directly interface with their students live in online classrooms, both in one-on-one and group sessions. In addition to their core academic subjects, our students get to attend weekly virtual elective courses, such as Performing Arts, Music, Seed-To-Table, and even virtual cooking classes!

You can explore our private virtual elementary school curriculum year-by-year.

Virtual Learning In Middle School

 The seventh and eighth grades — a young person’s preteen years — are two of the most significant and pivotal of your student’s life. At MUSE Virtual we are dedicated to infusing this transition period from child to teenager with passion and excitement through projects tailored specifically to each MUSE student. Building upon the approach we take in our virtual elementary school, we continue to blend core academics with passion-based learning, but as our students grow during this important period, we encourage them to explore projects that speak to them as individuals. We embolden them to work within their communities in real, authentic ways via mentorships, interviews with relevant community members, and real-world experiences. At the end of each semester students participate in virtual culminations, where they present their passion projects to their communities. Some examples of past students’ project topics have included French cooking, Charles Darwin, interior design, hockey, guitar techniques, and more!

Middle school students are led by one advisor per grade and are guided by multiple instructors for each discipline. Teachers interact virtually with 7th and 8th grade students in group as well as one-on-one sessions.

Click to learn more about our virtual middle school curriculum.

 Virtual High School and Beyond

 High school students at MUSE Virtual play a direct role in determining, developing, and driving their learning experience from the ninth through twelfth grades. Academics and passion projects are enmeshed, giving students the opportunity to engage in holistic ways with the humanities, science, math, and the arts. High school instructors are able to act as guides as students pave their own educational paths, strengthening their critical thinking skills by creating connections to real-world problems and understanding how they are solved. Expanding upon the opportunities offered in our virtual middle school, MUSE Virtual high school students are encouraged to participate in internships, mentorships, dual enrollment in college courses, service-learning activities, and independent study opportunities.

At MUSE Virtual, we know that education doesn’t stop once one graduates high school. Whatever a student’s post-MUSE plans are, be it attending college, jumping straight into the workplace, or even just taking some time to figure it all out, the MUSE Virtual YOUPrep guide exists to support our graduating students by creating pathways onto any of these roads. Through YOUPrep, students will apply to a minimum of three colleges, research gap year programs, and explore employment opportunities and applications working alongside their MUSE College Counselor.

Read more about all our virtual high school program.

MUSE Virtual School Around The World

On paper, MUSE Virtual is a k-12 virtual school, but in reality, we are so much more. Through MUSE Virtual, we have the ability to reach students around the world, from right here in our own backyard in southern California, all the way to the farthest reaches of the globe. In this way, we can foster bold, responsible leaders who engage with the wonderful world around us all.

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