Parents often ask if virtual learning is right for their child. MUSE Virtual was inspired by MUSE School California. We brought the unique experience of in-person learning to an interactive online platform unlike any other. No matter where the student resides, they will receive an award winning ‘MUSE’ education.

Virtual Learning and CommunityVirtual Learning and Community

Passion-based learning and a high percentage of daily live instruction.
MUSE Virtual teaches through students’ passions. This means we help each student discover what they are most passionate about; what interests them most and we explore it. Teachers are able to teach through these passions, which ignites conceptual understanding. Once students are enrolled, they will be assigned teachers and advisors and meet inside virtual classrooms daily, just as they would in person.

Core curriculum: live classes, independent work and personalized coursework.
All students will be a part of a real classroom with live instruction with a maximum of 16 students in each class in order to maintain a rich learning environment. Each student will be able to communicate with their teacher or advisor on their work style preference — we call this Process Communication Model (PCM). Some students prefer to work independently, others prefer to work within groups, while others may need more alone time. Either way, all teachers and advisors will work with each student to create a successful experience.

Virtual LearningVirtual Learning and CommunityVirtual Learning and CommunityVirtual Learning StudentVirtual Learning and CommunityVirtual Learning and Community

A welcoming and supportive community. No matter where your child comes from or their walk of life, MUSE Virtual does not discriminate and welcomes all students. We strive to make each child feel supported and meet their educational needs. You will find the one-on-one attention teachers give their students along with the small class ratio benefits the supportive community.

Lasting friendships with a diverse group of classmates. Because MUSE Virtual reaches students from across the country and globe, peers are able to connect through their online classrooms and special elective courses. Our virtual events are experienced school wide.

“We pursue education fearlessly, knowing that children are naturally “switched-on” when they are learning about something they love. We strive to cultivate and sustain that in-the-moment exuberance. Nurturing relationships between self, one another, place, and planet is critical to the MUSE mission.”

— Jeff King, Head of MUSE Virtual School

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