As educators, the reason behind our hard work and commitment in creating a special, unique environment is for our students and their families. We love the encouraging words and support from our MUSE Virtual Families! Not only are parents and students our strongest advocates, they are the reason we are here doing what we love. We hope you will join them!



“I have not run across anyone whose child has a more organized and/or comprehensive remote school program than MUSE. That includes public and private schools. MUSE’s Remote Learning Program is amazing and it is great for the kids academically, socially, and actually I think mentally too. The teachers and the curriculum are outstanding, as always. Thank you all so much. Health and wellness to you and your families.”

— Selena, 9th Grade Parent

“My Husband and I are so grateful for everything you are doing for your students. Remote learning is so impressive and you create so much joy for the kids. Our boys are so happy to see you, their friends, and have fun on the lessons. Thank you for being you!”

— Maria, 1st and 4th Grade Parent

“I am so grateful for you and how you’re bringing the kids together and continuing their learning through all of this, with ease and fun and just going over and beyond. It means a lot to us.”

— Stephanie, Kinder Parent

“Our favorite thing about Muse Virtual is the engagement the teachers bring to every day. It seems other schools are offering online learning but from the beginning of Muse’s online journey the staff have a unique engaging quality about the education they offer. Nobody saw 2020 coming, but Muse Virtual seemed to be ready for the challenge.”

— Adam, 6th and 9th Grade Parent

“My favorite thing about MUSE Virtual is how easy and accessible it is! Fellow students in my class are located around the country, yet they can participate in MUSE learning. We love connecting and learning with each other.”

— Lilly, 7th Grade Student

“Believe it or not it’s comforting to see familiar faces and friends through virtual learning. Knowing that I have a schedule, regardless of it being on Zoom, helps me feel connected even though we are not together in person. I can honestly say MUSE Virtual teachers give 110% every single day.”

— Nicky, 8th Grade Student

MUSE Virtual School Silhouette