Why Choose MUSE Virtual Elementary School?

Why Choose MUSE Virtual Elementary School - MUSE Virtual School

We know that the needs of the student and their family are the most important factors when it comes to choosing a private school. We also believe that students deserve an education that is as unique as they are. That’s why we’ve built a school designed to fit each of our students and we’re proud to say we’ve found success with our unique private learning format.

What do we do differently? Taking education virtual yields so many advantages they are difficult to count. The best thing to do is actually experience them firsthand! Nonetheless, let’s take a moment to share some of the reasons parents choose a private elementary school on a virtual platform to illustrate the difference.

Our Virtual Classroom

The structure of virtual education leads to some particular benefits. For example, students from all over the world can attend the school they want. This results in a diverse student population, a privilege that is particularly beneficial to developing brains and that is completely unique to virtual schools.

But, rather than simply replicate the structure of an in-person school, we set out to be a self-sufficient virtual school equipped with in-house tools to meet the needs of a virtual classroom. Adaptive communication is a core component of our curriculum, and our approach to academic planning helps us take advantage of the freedom that virtual learning allows while also lending students more support and guidance.

Virtual education is also free from time constraints and not just because students don’t have to worry about a commute. As you know, hobbies that take place outside of school such as martial arts, sports, and creative arts are formative in younger children and give an observable boost to their education. By balancing personalized live classes with independent work, students have the freedom to manage their own time while benefiting from a real learning community. This means that our students still have live classes, but also have more time to explore their interests and develop into well-rounded citizens of the world.

A Personalized Education

One of the many benefits of private education is greater one-on-one time between students and their teachers. Smaller class sizes mean more time for students to foster supportive relationships with their teacher, resulting in more engagement with the class and their community. By capping our classes at no more than 16 students per instructor, our teachers can give more time to each student and every student can feel involved and included in their community.

Building student-teacher relationships matters to us because a large part of their curriculum is structured around their own interests and personalities. We infuse passion-based learning with our MUSE Virtual elementary core curriculum, which means that every semester is an extension of our students’ personal interests. That means, unlike in other schools, our students make firsthand connections between their academic curriculum, their own internal experiences, and the larger world around them.

We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to be thankful for here at MUSE Virtual. We always appreciate hearing why families choose us for their children’s education, and we’re always excited to share a few of those reasons with you. And there’s still so much more to share! Explore our website to get a glimpse of our MUSE Virtual elementary school curriculum broken down

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