At the end of each semester, MUSE Virtual students present all project-based work including passion projects, at their culmination. Peers, parents, and the community are welcome to attend Zoom presentations of each students’ passion project. Culminations provide a unique and authentic approach to assess student growth and development in the MUSE Five Pillars. Research skills, demonstration of interdisciplinary academic learning, written and verbal communication skills, design and delivery of presentation, and collaboration skills are all recognized.


MUSE Virtual Elementary School Culminations - MUSE Virtual School

Students from Kindergarten through 6th grade present their passion projects virtually to the MUSE Virtual community of teachers, administrators, family, and friends. Various passions have included lego creations, painting, singing, make-up, rockets, baseball and more.

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MUSE Virtual Middle School Culminations - MUSE Virtual School

Now that middle school students have experienced culmination and their passions at an elementary school level, they will find their passions have evolved overtime. Our 7th and 8th grade students will present a virtual culmination to their teachers, administrators, peers and family over their selected passion over the semester. Various middle school passions have included french cooking, Charles Darwin, interior design, hockey, guitar techniques and more.

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MUSE Virtual High School Culminations - MUSE Virtual School

High School students will present their virtual culmination in a more in depth way. Passions and interests from this age group have been The Periodic Table, Chemistry, Jiujitsu, Greek Mythology, time travel and more.

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