MUSE Virtual School creates a post-secondary culture for all students, whether you want to attend college, join the workforce, or take a GAP year. With this in mind, MUSE Virtual will expose you to a variety of professional, academic, and social pathways so that you can pursue your passions and prepare for the next chapter. In addition, we assist in the planning of individual course selection to maximize post-MUSE opportunities. As a part of your preparation, you will apply to a minimum of three colleges, research gap year programs, and explore employment opportunities and applications working alongside the MUSE Virtual College Counselor.

MUSE Virtual High School invites students to explore 4 themes as they journey the YOU Prep path from 9 to 12th grade.

Academics - 10th Grade YOU Prep - MUSE Virtual School
9th grade
This is who I am
Academics - 10th Grade YOU Prep - MUSE Virtual School
10th grade
This is how I am
Academics - 11th Grade YOU Prep - MUSE Virtual School
11th grade
This is me
Academics - 12th Grade YOU Prep - MUSE Virtual School
12th grade
This is where I am going

9th Grade — This is Who I Am

Students can expect exploratory conversations about college, gap years, or other post-MUSE experience.

10th Grade — This is How I Am

Students are encouraged to think more specifically about what their future academic/career interests might be, and to learn about different kinds of higher education, work, or travel opportunities, while they explore their interests through meeting practitioners/experts in their chosen field. The College Counselor discusses options in test taking, academic or service-related summer programs, and invites students to attend college fairs and presentations at MUSE given by visiting college representatives.

11th Grade — This is Me

A focus is placed on researching details (student to faculty ratio, internships available, college “culture,” etc.) of eight to ten schools and on visiting campuses (with a counselor or parents) if possible. MUSE Virtual provides college visits to students in the eleventh and twelfth grade, traveling as far as San Francisco, San Diego, and elsewhere. The College Counselor is available year-round to talk with students and parents about any aspect of post-MUSE planning, from UC requirements to essay-writing, from test-taking strategies to finding the right gap-year program.

12th Grade — This is Where I am Going

Throughout the year, students will focus on their capstone culminations and senior thesis that will be presented at the end of the spring semester. It will incorporate all of the 5 pillars they have taken along throughout their journey as a MUSE Virtual Student. College Applications will be sent out at the beginning of the year as well as recommendation letters for colleges or careers.

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