6 Online Virtual School Resources for Parents

resources for parents

Getting acclimated to online learning can seem challenging, even for the most technologically experienced students. Thankfully, there are many tools and resources that parents can use in order to help their children thrive during what can be a difficult adjustment.

Look, we get it, having a child learn-from-home means you have to be able to answer their school-related questions, facilitate a proper work environment and also support your child in their learning needs. This is no easy task. Parents, we often have to relearn what was taught to us when we were in their shoes. So, in order to help you help your child go above and beyond this academic year in the virtual classroom, we’ve compiled a handy toolkit of parent-approved resources to help students learn effectively as our education system shifts to a virtual one. Whether you’re adjusting to unfamiliar technological platforms for the first time or just scoping out online educational activities for your child, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Trust us, the road to digital learning success doesn’t have to be a turbulent one.

At MUSE Virtual School, we hope to make the transition to digital learning as smooth and stress-free as possible for students and parents. Our innovative learning program is uniquely designed to curtail the most pressing challenges of online learning by offering live, face-to-face interactions in small class sizes, a full day of scheduled coursework from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and one-on-one, individualized support during daily office hours with teachers.

So, if you’re feeling a little (or very) overwhelmed, we’re sure that with the help of these tools, you can equip yourself to your student to be both high-achieving and effective in the classroom. Soon, your children will be cruising forward in the world of digital learning with flying colors–so prepare them for the exhilarating ride! Who knows, you might even discover that you’re learning more from them!

Khan Academy

This popular nonprofit educational organization, which has a mission to “provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”, offers a library of free lesson plans and learning activities in a variety of subject areas, such as math, science and engineering, arts and humanities, economics, grammar, computing, and English language arts. Featuring daily schedules by age groups, Khan Academy offers free resources for students, teachers, administrators, and parents as well as daily live streams. This is a great place to go when your child comes to you with a math problem you can’t seem to figure out yourself. Watch explanation videos together and make it a learning experience for you both!

National Geographic for Kids

Calling all globetrotters and explorers! This fact-filled resource is perfect for all animal, science and geography lovers. Laden with quizzes, videos, classroom handouts, and informational science articles, National Geographic for Kids is the ultimate megasource for all animal lovers–a major hit with kids and grown-ups alike! This website features a fun, colorful compilation of kid-friendly animal videos, animal and vet shows, and comprehensive guides of fascinating animal facts. Complete with downloadable toolkits and books, photo guides, and do-it-yourself science experiments with step-by-step instructions, your child will soon evolve into a budding scientist with loads of knowledge to shine in the classroom! Not to mention, these are great activities for family time!

Time for Kids

Commonly recognized as a household name, this reputable source offers free access to a library of tailored, grade-specific digital versions of TIME for Kids and Your $ financial literacy magazine. A subscription includes a weekly print magazine for each student, lesson plans, teaching resources, digital access to all content, and a one-year subscription to TIME magazine. Every edition includes a wide array of educational tools, resources, and instructional supports. Parents will find this resource particularly helpful while teaching social studies and science to young learners, as it’s packed with easy-to-read articles to educate children about the world around them. So prepare your child to see the sights and wonders of the world–without leaving the comfort of their own home!


If your child needs extra help with English and Language Arts, this comprehensive website gives educators, parents, and afterschool professionals access to high-quality resources in reading, literacy and language arts instruction. This website offers plenty of free lesson plans, printouts, student interactives, mobile apps, and calendar activities as well as videos, professional development tools, and after-school resources for K-12 students.


This resource is a favorite of bookworms of all ages! A supplementary resource for English and Language Arts instruction, this all-inclusive website offers over 2,000 free fiction and nonfiction reading passages, such as book pairings and novel sets. Complete with guiding questions, audible text, translations, student annotation options, assessments and student data capture, your child’s learning processes will be supported from every angle. Plus, this website even provides  resources for history/social studies and in Spanish for bilingual learners. ¡Qué grandiosa! So, cozy up for a read aloud session with your kiddos and enjoy!

Scholastic Learn At Home

A preferred resource of parents and teachers, Scholastic Learn at Home is filled with fun educational activities for younger children. This excellent resource provides day-by-day projects to keep your children engaged, thinking, and excited through daily reading suggestions, guided activities for parents, and fun games and stories organized into three age groups. Children can explore core subjects by completing prepared lessons teaching essential skills, literacy, science, math, social-emotional learning, and more. This exhaustive website provides access to an expansive library of picture book read-alouds, award-winning videos, interactive quizzes, creative crafts, outdoor activities, vocabulary exercises, and much more. After all, learning doesn’t have to be a snooze…for you or your child!

MUSE Virtual: The Online Learning Choice for Parents

We hope that these resources for parents will ensure that your child’s transition to virtual learning is not only stress-free, but even enjoyable. Rather than being complicated or limiting, we believe that online can be a positive experience for your child–a period of enrichment, growth, and new experiences.

Parents, if you’re looking to enroll your child in an online learning program, look no further! MUSE Virtual School is the top virtual learning choice for parents, recognized globally as a high-performance learning lab that prepares K-12 children to become bold leaders to engage with the world around them. If you’re ready to learn more about MUSE Virtual, we encourage you to enroll your child today.

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