MUSE Virtual School Five Pillars: Spotlight on Passion-Based Learning

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At MUSE Virtual, we pride ourselves on our Five Pillars, the standards that serve as our educational philosophy, and one of which is passion-based learning. For those unfamiliar, the others are Academics, Self-Efficacy, Communication, and Sustainability. These provide the foundation for all of the learning that takes place at every level of our school.

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of passion-based learning. This innovative approach to education creates opportunities that are unique to each individual student, while guiding them to focus on topics and subjects they love.

Think about it: What are you passionate about? Perhaps it’s art or music. Maybe it’s philosophy or social justice. Well at MUSE Virtual School, our students have the opportunity to explore whatever it is that sets their soul on fire, while retaining new concepts and ideas in the process.

What is passion-based learning?

By definition, passion-based learning takes subjects and issues a student is passionate about and uses them to help the student learn. Through various projects, but also practical application, students are able to learn necessary skills by pursuing their favorite subjects. This is a student-centered approach to learning that is at the very core of what makes MUSE Virtual a fantastic place for children to learn, grow, and thrive.

All of our students at MUSE Virtual engage in passion-based learning from day 1, regardless of class or grade. Our K-12 students learn from a young age that passion is important and can be connected to anything you do in life.

 How do students benefit from passion-based learning?

With passion-based learning, students have the opportunity to pursue what excites them most. From arts and language to social justice to environmental issues and more, our students lead the way when it comes to what and how they learn. They choose, we guide. It’s part of the individualized learning plan that our students thrive upon.

Our teachers and staff work closely with students, giving them 1-1 time to develop their passions and find ways to incorporate them into core academics. Teachers monitor student progress throughout the year to ensure that students are meeting the required academic benchmarks, but while also learning about the topics that mean the most to them.

By cultivating their passions, students maintain excitement and enthusiasm all year long. Due to the nature of passion-based learning, where students choose to pursue topics that are meaningful to them, we’re found that our students are energized by their schoolwork and ready to learn, especially when it comes to passion projects.

 What are passion projects?

Passion projects provide students with an opportunity to invest their time in something they’re interested in learning about. It’s a chance for students to gain an understanding of how core academics carry over to other aspects of life and learning. Over the course of a semester, students meet one-on-one with teachers to check in on their progress and track new developments as they continue to work on their projects.

The key aspect of passion projects is to help students draw connections between the classroom, the real world, and their passions. At the end of the semester, students present their passion projects to their peers and other MUSE Virtual community members. This allows them to foster connection with others, while digging deep into work and studies that are meaningful to them. And by sharing their passion with others, we’re instilling in our students the belief that they can change the world.

In fact, our passion projects are a rave among our students. You can see some of the work produced by past students here.

Not to mention the fact that passion projects are a way for students to make real-world connections outside of MUSE Virtual. We connect our students with experts in their area of passion. Some are parents within the MUSE Virtual community, but they are also small business owners, local entrepreneurs, and leaders in various companies, fields, and organizations. In doing so, we’re providing our students with more firsthand knowledge and information to help them better understand their passion, and to help them share that passion, too.

We believe that by engaging our students with passion-based learning, we’re empowering them to pursue their dreams, which will ultimately make the world a better place. Our students are the next generation of leaders and changemakers, and we are so proud to instill in them these lifelong beliefs through passion-based learning.

If you feel your student or child could benefit from passion-based learning and a student-centered approach to education, explore our website and inquire today to learn more about our innovative K-12 virtual school. The MUSE Virtual School staff is happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

To learn more and view samples of student work, visit our Culminations page.



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