Public School District Partnerships


We know remote learning has become a challenge for public school districts across the United States – we are here to help your remote learning students thrive online!  MUSE Virtual’s innovative online learning program offers Kindergarten through 12th grade students a premiere education in a virtual format. Not only will students learn core academics through award winning teaching methods, they will be a part of a community that truly cares about them and their experience. We are interested in inspiring students to become future leaders and honored to provide cutting edge education. We develop the whole child through our Five Pillars: Academics, Passion-based Learning, Self-Efficacy, Communication, and Sustainability.

Take a peek inside of the benefits of partnering together and bringing more to your school district.

Academics that meet WASC accreditation standards for each grade level.
As a Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) accredited school, MUSE Virtual undergoes a rigorous and relevant self-evaluation and peer review process with a focus on student outcomes on an annual basis. Learn about Academic Excellence at MUSE Virtual.

Student schedules that reflect traditional in-person learning.
MUSE Virtual students thrive daily during our in-person classrooms. Students are connecting with peers for collaborative learning and real interaction. Each class has a set schedule that fits with their learning environment.


Live classroom instruction throughout the day.
Our students and teachers come together LIVE daily as they would if they were to meet in-person. This ensures connection and accountability throughout the school year.

Small class sizes of 16–20 students maximum per grade level.
Personalized attention of students and their academic needs is an important part of daily learning at MUSE Virtual. We aim to have no more than 16 students in each elementary classroom and 20 students in middle and high school classrooms.

Specialist classes for all grades.
One of the many benefits of MUSE Virtual is our special elective courses available to all students. These courses spark creative thought and provide an outlet of imagination that students of all ages crave. These creative courses include – visual arts, performing arts, world language and seed-to-table. This is one of the many unique aspects that sets MUSE Virtual apart from other online private schools.

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Office hours available for 1:1 student-teacher and and parent-teacher support.
MUSE Virtual teachers’ first priority is their students. If this means extra support or meetings with parents, they are there to provide specialized attention to students.
Meet our Faculty & Staff.

After School Enrichment opportunities available.
For an additional fee, your district can provide after school enrichment classes to your students. These highly popular classes or clubs include plant-based cooking with an award winning chef (family can participate!), art club, creative writing, performing art shows, yoga, meditation and so much more! Giving your students this opportunity brings the MUSE Virtual experience full circle — they will love the extra involvement!

Competitive pricing available 
We understand you have specific budget requirements and we base our pricing on your district’s needs. There are many factors to consider — amount of students, what classes you want to offer, special accommodations, etc. These will all be discussed on our call.


MUSE Virtual Director Suzanne McClure is available for Zoom calls to connect with Public School District leadership. Schedule a call at your earliest convenience using Suzanne’s Calendly by clicking the schedule button below — she is looking forward to connecting.

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