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MUSE Virtual School Teacher Megan Grieco - MUSE Virtual School

Welcome back to another “Meet the Teacher” blog!

Today, we’re featuring 5th & 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher Megan Grieco!  Read on to learn more about her personal history, passions, and MUSE Virtual experience.

Personal History and Training

Q. Tell us about your professional background prior to coming to MUSE Virtual.
A. I taught for seven years: three serving students with special needs, two providing academic intervention services to K and 1st grade students who struggled with learning to read, one teaching high school English to students with emotional disabilities, and a year running a democratic un-school for learners ages 5 to 10.

Q. What kind of training did MUSE Virtual require before you started teaching?
A. Process Communication Model (PCM) & in-house PD that included the MUSE handbook, MUSE language, training on the Five Pillars, and compassionate confrontation. This year, PD also included navigating and creating course content in Canvas, accessing resources in Savvas, and using digital programs such as Nearpod to increase student engagement.

In the Virtual Classroom

Q. How many students are generally in your classes?
A. There are four 6th graders and twelve 5th graders who are typically in class.

Q. What projects are your students currently working on?
A. 6th- recreating ancient villages and independently reading novels of their choice. 5th- researching and presenting information on European exploration and settlement in North America and reading novels in small groups where they meet in literature circles to discuss their reading.

Q. How do you see the benefits of the Five Pillars play out in your classroom?
A. Being able to access academic content through individual passions while making connections to inter- and intra-personal skills and caring for the planet is invaluable.

MUSE Virtual Experience

Q. What distinguishes MUSE Virtual, in your opinion, from other schools?
A. The amount of time students have a live teacher present distinguishes MUSE Virtual from other online learning platforms.

Q. What has been the most memorable moment from your virtual classroom thus far this year?
A. Students leading virtual field trips for their class in order to highlight their passions or their culture.

Q. And tell us one fun fact about yourself!
A. I want to fundamentally change education in the United States!

We are so grateful for Megan’s contributions to our MUSE Virtual community! Learn more about a MUSE Virtual education and how your student could benefit from experiencing Megan’s classes by visiting our website.


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