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Special Elective Courese - MUSE Virtual School

At MUSE Virtual, we believe that there is more to a well-rounded education than just core academic courses. That is why we offer numerous special elective courses that are designed to ignite student passions and foster creative thought and imagination in students of all ages. 

Today, we are going to share the special elective courses we offer that take center stage at MUSE Virtual every day. 


Performing Arts 

We believe that performing arts is important to a child’s education because it provides unique outlets that help students discover who they are while offering a creative outlet. Not only does the MUSE Virtual Performing Arts Program create informed and skilled artists, but it also cultivates self-confidence, imagination, team work, empathy, concentration, and communication skills. Our program engages students in all aspects of theater and film, including acting, writing, directing, design, editing, dance, and vocal performance. 

Visual Arts 

Our MUSE Virtual Visual Arts program focuses on artistic perception, creative expression, and aesthetic value. The structure of our school allows our Arts instructors to focus on each individual student, which better fosters the development of unique and creative skills. 


We believe that students should understand the connection between their everyday food choices, their health, and the health of our environment. That is why we developed the Seed-to-Table Program, which provides students with a hands-on learning opportunity that teaches them to make informed choices from a young age.

Virtual Cooking

Our weekly cooking classes connect our students and community. Students and their family members are able to explore plant-based alternatives to their favorite comfort foods and new cooking methods with MUSE Chef, Robin Swallow



At MUSE Virtual, not only does our Spanish class introduce students to the language, but it also teaches them about Spanish culture and art. Our exploratory class also challenges students to read and speak in Spanish, and communicate who they are and what they’re passionate about. 



We help our students develop and grow leadership skills through group and independent projects that focus on school organization, activism, and community service. Curriculum focus areas include notable leaders in history, contemporary politics, community engagement, organizational leadership, service, activism, ethical leadership, and leader profiles. 


Our MUSE Yearbook class teaches students various skills, including yearbook production, copywriting, digital photography, desktop publishing, and media production. 


As science has proven, every person can improve their quality of life at every level through meditation. Our weekly meditation class teaches students the principles of meditation and how they can incorporate the practice into their daily lives. It is rooted in the Himalayan Tradition of Tantric Hatha Yoga and Meditation. 

Creative Writing 

The Creative Writing class at MUSE Virtual explores Fiction, Poetry, and Non-fiction, and each of the subsequent subsets of these genres. The class functions primarily as a workshop, where students are able to collaborate and help each other build writing skills. 


Our weekly dance class teaches students different styles of dance at various levels. Classes include a warm up/workout, dance technique, and learning choreography.

Asana Yoga Practice 

The Asana Yoga class teaches students the fundamental breathing techniques and basic movements of yoga. Students are encouraged to incorporate various intentions into their practice, including love, balance, and anchor. 

Ethical Entrepreneurship 

The MUSE Virtual Ethical Entrepreneurship class explores how we can provide for ourselves through business, while helping heal our planet and its people. Through hands-on experience, students are able to develop a vision for a business, a business plan, an investor pitch deck, a marketing strategy, and more. 


During our Storytelling class, students listen to relevant and appropriate episodes of NPR’s “The Moth Radio Hour” and construct three stories of their own to present to an audience of peers and teachers. 

Digital Photography

The MUSE Virtual Digital Photography class encourages students to explore all aspects of digital photography while creating and sharing work and inspiration with their peers. The class also examines editing techniques, methods, vocabulary, and resources. 

Script to Screen

Students who join Script to Screen at MUSE Virtual explore producing, writing, storyboarding, shooting, and editing. They also create their own short films, which are screened at the end of the year. 


American Sign Language 

Students learn how to communicate information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions via sign language. Students also explore issues that the American Deaf community faces. 


Not only do students learn the fundamentals of the French language, but they also explore francophone cultures to help students better understand the world as a whole. 


The high school Spanish class at MUSE Virtual further builds students’ skills in reading and writing in Spanish. Students are taught to discuss greetings, introductions, hobbies, home, school, daily life, professions, and more.

Ocean Conservation

Students explore ocean threats, biodiversity within ocean habitats, ocean species, ocean habitats, layers of the ocean, and more. Through independent research and presentations, students are encouraged to spread visual awareness of their learnings to their peers. 

Climate Crisis & Action I + II

Through these two courses, students will understand the fundamental causes of climate change and evaluate potential solutions to this global issue. Both courses emphasize global gender, racial, and economic disparities. 

Humans Rights A+ B

The MUSE High School Human Rights program explores three perspectives to help students fully understand social justice: building a knowledge base of the history of human rights and contemporary local, national and international developments, creating awareness of human rights issues and concerns in the world and in our school community, and understanding the value and purpose of advocacy through service opportunities and direct action. 

Senior Writing 

The MUSE Senior Writing class helps students prepare for their futures by covering various forms of writing that are necessary in life after high school, including college essays, resumes, cover letters for job applications, and an “elevator pitch.” 

Post MUSE Virtual Life Skills

We want our students to be successful throughout their lives, which is why we developed this class to help them learn about general life skills such as balancing a check book, identifying sexual harassment, handling roommate issues, interview skills, and managing other situations that occur in early adult life.

Ready to get started?

If you are considering transitioning your child to MUSE Virtual, visit our Virtual Learning & Community page for more information about our community or visit our special elective courses page about the numerous courses we offer. 


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